AMS Company / Automation Group's Shipping Solutions

The AMS Company / Automation Group team of professionals are committed to taking the time to listen to what customers want. Taking time allows us to understand their business needs, we are able to respond to their concerns and issues with superior quality and value. Our solutions enable their businesses to better manage their resources, thus improving their bottom-line by reducing and controlling costs while enhancing their ability to create and deliver profitable value to their customers.

Company Profile

Since our first release of AMS.SHIP in 2000, AMS Company / Automation Group has continued to be a pioneer of high quality shipping software; our focus is always on providing new products with leading edge technology that can better serve the investment made for existing enterprise applications.A privately held company centrally located in the Macomb, Illinois, AMS.SHIP users range from small, privately held businesses to large, globally located, public companies. Common to all our customers is the need for taking control over their shipping costs and processes. As your needs change, AMS.SHIP can be easily changed to meet your needs today and well into the future.